Economic and Financial Performance - Consolidated


Total Assets, Liquidity Investments and Credit Operations

Total consolidated assets recorded R$ 9.6 billion. Current assets reached R$ 5.8 Billion (60.1% of the total assets, compared to 55.0% in December 2018) and short-term liabilities totaled R$ 2.6 billion, representing 44.8% of the current assets.

Inter-financial liquidity investments and investments in securities and exchange reached R$ 2.9 billions. Securities classified as held to maturity total R$ 11.3 million (R$15.1 million, consolidated), for which the Bank has both the intention and the financial capacity to hold through maturity, pursuant to Bacen Circular Letter # 3.068/2001.

Loan operations stood at R$ 5.3 billions. Operations classified in the lower credit risk ranges, from “AA” to “C”, represent 80.3% of the total credit portfolio (78.9% in December and 76.7 in June 2018). The allowance for loan operations risk stood at 11.8% (12.1% in December and 12.3% in June 2018). More detailed information can be obtained in Explanatory note No. 07.


The existing resources were raised both in the domestic and in the external markets, totaling R$ 7.9 billion, R$ 6.0 billion of which originated from time deposits.

Regarding resources raised abroad, R$ 539.1 million are registered as Subordinated Debt (raised in 2010, with maturity in 2020), R$ 80.3 million of which used in the composition of the Level II Reference Assets for the purposes of capitalization, as allowed by CMN Resolution No. 4.192/2013.

Raising through Financial Letters reached R$ 347.6 million. Of that total, R$ 313.0 million, due in the period between 2023 and 2026, are recorded in the Liabilities title “Debt Instruments Eligible for Capital” mentioned by CMN Resolution No. 4.192/2013, of which R$ 259.3 million are used in the composition of Reference Equity Level II; R$ 17.5 million are perpetual debt bonds, eligible for complementary capital (Level I), provided that R$ 10.4 million are being used as Complementary Capital.



Equity was set at R$ 850.2 million. Managed Equity is of R$ 896.3 million and Reference Equity is R$ 1.0 billion. In the semester, were not declared dividends or interests on equity, pursuant to the legal rules and statutory provisions in force.

The Financial Brokerage Revenues stood at R$ 1,144.0 million (R$ 1,213.9 million in June 2018, a 5.8% decrease).

Financial Intermediation Expenses totaled R$ 469.3 million (reduction of 24.1%). Represented 41.0% of Financial Intermediation Revenues (50.9% of June 2018). In expenses with Operations for Funding Capital in the Market, there was a 25.8% reduction.

Expenses with Allowance for Loan Operations Risk stood at R$ 230.4 million, a 19.8% reduction, representing 20.1% of Financial Brokerage Revenues (23.7% in June 2018).

The Gross Income from Financial Intermediation kept the growth trajectory, having reached R$ 674.7 million, a 13.3% growth. Rendering of Services Revenues totaled R$ 133.8 million (R$ 134.6 million in June 2018).

Personnel Expenses totaled R$ 213.3 million (R$ 192.3 million for June 2018, a nominal evolution of 10.9% in the first twelve months). Both items with the highest relevance, employee wages and social charges, recorded a 5.4% increase.

Administrative Expenses totaled R$ 297.5 million (R$ 271.4 million in June 2018), a nominal evolution of 9.6%. The Operating income reached an expressive increase of 34.3%. Net Income recorded R$ 52.1 million, presenting a 89.2% growth over the same period last year.