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Concepts of Mission, Vision and Values represent the essence of a company: what it is, what does it believe in, how it operates, where it is and where it wishes to be. These concepts are to be adopted in the everyday lives of all the institution's staff, ensuring alignment of speeches and actions of all employees of the company. The purpose of Mercantil do Brazil’s “Mission, Vision, and Values Statement” is to join human, material and financial efforts in pursuit of the common aim of the Company.


Generate financial solutions, ensure excellence and differential in relationships, provide adequate returns on business capital, fair compensation for human capital, and responsible socioenvironmental performance.


Perpetuate business, ensuring safety of operations, profitability and competitiveness.

Value Proposal

Provide straightforward and efficacious financial solutions, keeping a differentiated service and relationship with its customers

"Commitment to Our Customers" - key attitudes

- Seriousness: ethical conduct and trust in customer relationships.
- Agility: promptly provide customer feedback
- Assertiveness: deliver straightforward and efficient customer service.
- Knowing our customers: understand customer needs and respond to them with MB products.