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​Contributing to Brazil's economic development and the progress of the communities in which it operates has always been the main mission of Mercantil do Brasil, and it will continue to be so.

We believe that in this globalized world, of constant and far-reaching transformations, any comparative advantage must be based on the ability to form alliances, interact, work together, join forces, share potential, skills, efforts, and results. There is a need to have someone to be relied on, someone ready to provide all necessary support.

In this world of increasingly commoditized products, services and performance, where everything is increasingly similar, the major competitive edge is people.

Mercantil do Brasil has a straightforward, secure and steady approach, and we have always sought to be involved in the major accomplishments of our business partners. Their success is our success.

We continue to invest heavily in our capacity to get results and develop efforts to increasingly enhance our ability to understand and serve the needs and conveniences of our customers and friends.

Our greatest commitment remains the same: we PERFORM.

Based on our historical tradition, with sober and straightforward work and great persistence, Mercantil do Brasil makes the future.